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Freight Demand Will Triple by 2050

A major new OECD report states global freight demand is set to surge in the coming decades but will also be subject to disruptive factors. ITF Transport Outlook 2019 outlines a range of transport demand scenarios through to 2050 and concludes global freight demand will triple between 2015 and 2050, based on current demand growth rates. The report states: “The projected compound annual growth
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Amazon Building European Air Network

DHL airline European Air Transport (EAT) and Ireland-based ASL Aviation Group (which acquired TNT Airways and its fleet of cargo aircraft in 2016) are reported to be operating pan-European flights for Amazon in the initial stages in building a dedicated European air network. European Air Transport (EAT) is flying during the day exclusively for Amazon with its B757 freighters serving the East Midlands, Paris
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Noise fines at Brussels Airport

After the departure of the Chinese full freighter carrier Yangtze River Express in February, Air Cargo Global has now also decided to leave Brussels Airport as a result of the legal insecurity and the financial risks caused by the decision of the Brussels Capital Region to drop the tolerance margin of the noise fines. Air Cargo Global will now operate from Amsterdam and Prague.
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Robot Air Cargo Handling

One of the world’s biggest air cargo handlers PACTL in Shanghai will be trying the first use of robots to build general cargo pallets this summer. This experiment could transform the air freight sector and bring significant improvements in productivity, quality and security. Airis, logistics facilities developer, has concluded that 85-90% of general air cargo shipments handled by PACTL could be processed by robots.
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Tips On Using Freight Services To Export Christmas Gifts

While it is lovely receiving lots of Christmas gifts, for those who are moving abroad or far away, it simply means additional items they have to transport using freight services to their new home. If this sounds familiar, read our tips to ensure your lovely presents arrive in one piece. – Only take what you need Without wanting to sound ungrateful, people often receive
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Air and Ocean Freight Prices reach Record Differentials

The gap between Air and Ocean freight rates widens more and more. The price differentials have now reached a record height. With sea freight rates being low for several weeks already and air freight rates raising more and more towards end-of-year peak season, it has now reached double the norm. Air freight rates have been quite stable, with peak-season and capacity restrictions. On the contrary,
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Airfreight Backlogs at China Gateways

The current backlogs at China’s main airfreight hubs Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou will continue at least into next week. For now, there are delays of 3-4 days at most airports. The situation at Guangzhou is worse; here, delays of 7-8 days are to expect, apart from “first class carriers”, which are also delayed by 3-4 days. As the forwarders expect the delays to
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Airfreight of the future?

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is currently studying the feasibility of the FanWing freighter. As a result of a two year European Union project, the study will focus on how the plane would be operated, cost of maintenance and all other costs. If the study is successful, we could see these planes moving short range freight. The FanWing Airfreighter, has a short take off and
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By air, by sea, by road

What a week its been here at Unipac Shipping! We have imported from China garden furniture and fashion accessories via sea. Exported scaffolding to Germany and exhibition kit to Italy via road freight, and exported household effects over to Dubai via air freight. Great work by our dedicated import and export  teams! We can handle all sorts of shipments in all shapes and sizes
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Our Air Freight Service

All destinations worldwide! Door to door service Door to airport service Airport to door service Airport to airport service Insurance cover on request We understand the importance of your shipment, we will get it there using safe and secure air freight, and on time!