Here at Unipac Shipping, we are experienced customs clearing agents.

We can facilitate customs clearance of your goods departing from or arriving at any British ports, airports and railway terminals.
Export customs clearance is a relatively simple procedure. A commercial invoice and packing list will be required. Export licence details needed if applicable, such as for military and paramilitary goods, dual-use and technology, works of art, plants and animals, medicines and chemicals.

Import customs clearance is more complicated. Care must be taken to ensure that goods are classified correctly within the Harmonized System and that correct duty rate applies. It is importer’s responsibility to provide these details. However, we have expertise to support you in this process.

A commercial invoice, packing list and transport document are sufficient
documentation for most shipments. Some shipments will require proof of origin, which can often be provided by a declaration on the invoice, but may be require a separate certificate issued by a Chamber of Commerce or similar authority. Food shipments may require Phytosanitary Certificates or Health Certificates. Test Certificates may be required for regulated products.

In co-operation with our agents, customs clearance service is also provided at most worldwide transport hubs for both import and export shipments.

This service is offered both as part of a wider transport package and where transport is arranged by others.

Please contact us with any questions related to customs clearance.

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