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How to Calculate Duty rates, taxes and VAT on your imports.

After receiving our great rates for your import whether via sea, air or courier, you proceed to make a booking with us, happy in the knowledge that your overheads are low and your profit margins are looking good…We remind you to take into account the friendly Tax Man who will be waiting patiently at customs for your goods to clear… Waiting to make sure
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UK Customs Broker

As a dedicated UK Customs Broker we can advise you whether you are paying the correct duty rates on your imports. It is important that your goods are classified correctly. HM Customs can charge you later if they find that goods have been declared wrongly. Simply hit the “get a quote” button and send us the details of the goods you are importing and
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What to look for in a Freight Fowarder…

Picture the scene…You have your freight quotes in front of you, you glance through to the total cost, and you pick the cheapest supplier….BEWARE!! You want your goods collected on time, delivered on time and of course to arrive in one piece!! So just how do you choose a good reputable supplier?   Excellent Reputation: Other people’s experiences can help you when choosing a
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