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Application by DHL Global Forwarding to make the Earth greener

From now on customers will be able to calculate transport-related emissions for their shipment for almost every size and modes of transport thanks to the DHL Carbon Calculator. The application is based on “intelligent algorithms” which can be carried out online and uses real-logistics data. It means that the tool includes routes to the nearest airport or seaport, the actual delivery route between countries,
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Air and Ocean Freight Prices reach Record Differentials

The gap between Air and Ocean freight rates widens more and more. The price differentials have now reached a record height. With sea freight rates being low for several weeks already and air freight rates raising more and more towards end-of-year peak season, it has now reached double the norm. Air freight rates have been quite stable, with peak-season and capacity restrictions. On the contrary,
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Airfreight Backlogs at China Gateways

The current backlogs at China’s main airfreight hubs Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou will continue at least into next week. For now, there are delays of 3-4 days at most airports. The situation at Guangzhou is worse; here, delays of 7-8 days are to expect, apart from “first class carriers”, which are also delayed by 3-4 days. As the forwarders expect the delays to
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Self-Driving Trucks will Affect Logistics Industry

The Supply Chain Industry is one of the trailblazers when it comes to technology. No wonder we can forecast how self driving vehicles will affect the Supply Chain. The most obvious benefit is lower costs due to fewer truck drivers. But there are other advantages that improve efficiency and can lower the cost by as much as 40% per kilometre! Self-driving trucks reduce driver
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Iran to Hold Potential for Freight Firms

With its Nuclear Agreement, Iran is about to open up for international economy. This is good news not only for the Iranians, but also for freight firms. The country offers great opportunities for businesses, especially in oil and gas, high-tech and automotive. Logistics benefits from Irans good transport infrastructure and the need to improve their airspace field. But this is not the only area
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Migrant Crisis Causing Trouble for Road Freight

The ongoing migrant crisis is causing more and more problems to freight forwarders. Last week, workers at the Port of Calais went on strike and set off a standstill for two days. They demanded more personnel as they are confronted with increasing numbers of migrants at the port. For now, they suspended their strike and are in negotiations with their management. Also, new border
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Additional Controls for Tianjin Imports

Importers may face increased scrutiny of products imported from the Tianjin area, affected by a nuclear blast last month. On 12 August, a chemical explosion occurred at the industrial centre named Bihhai New Area, where hazardous chemicals such as sodium cyanide were stored. The FDA in the US requires submission of documents of goods like human and animal food, human and animal drugs and
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What to look for in a Freight Fowarder…

Picture the scene…You have your freight quotes in front of you, you glance through to the total cost, and you pick the cheapest supplier….BEWARE!! You want your goods collected on time, delivered on time and of course to arrive in one piece!! So just how do you choose a good reputable supplier?   Excellent Reputation: Other people’s experiences can help you when choosing a
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Unipac Shipping UK

Welcome to Unipac Shipping (UK) Ltd, an international freight forwarding company, established in 1993 and based in Kent – the gateway to Europe. Our aim is always to provide reliable and competitive service to corporate and private importers and exporters – anywhere in the world. Read More..