Not all goods arriving in the UK ports and airports are delivered to their final destinations immediately. Often warehousing and/or fulfilment services are required.

If you do not have enough space at your own facility for incoming or outgoing shipments, or want to outsource your warehousing and distribution, we can arrange it for you.

Full containers, Less than Container loads and air shipments can be warehoused till you require delivery.  Goods will be packed and palletised according to your instructions.

Services offered are

  • Offloading, sorting, labelling and palletising the content of a container in our warehouse followed by a standard or a truck delivery to customer’s premises.
  • Storage at our warehouse for a required period of time before delivery to customer’s premises.
  • Palletisation and labelling to customer’s requirements.
  • E-fulfilment – picking up required quantities of goods and distribution to a final consumer.  


In recent years, distribution through Amazon has become one of the most popular logistics channels for many e-commerce businesses.

Unipac Shipping offers bespoke solutions to customers delivering to Amazon UK and other Amazon branches in Europe. Our services include

  • Container shunt and return from/to Southampton and Felixstowe
  • Container devan in our warehouses near main ports
  • Labelling and palletisation of goods to Amazon specification
  • Storage if required
  • Arranging timed bookings directly with Amazon
  • Delivering goods to Amazon (pallets and full loads)

For more information and advice please contact our team.

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