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VIDEO: Cargo ship sinks off UK coast!

Cargo ship Sea Breeze was towed by tug Tennaherdhya to St Austell Bay after sinking off the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall, after water was found in the vessel’s engine room. Travelling from Liverpool to Shoreham, the Barbados-registered vessel was carrying 2750 metric tonnes of limestone, 16 metric tonnes of gas oil, and 3.5 metric tonnes of lube oil. Falmouth Coastguard was called early morning
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Container washes up on UK Shore!

A fourth Maersk shipping container has been discovered off Devon on the southwest UK coast. The lost cargo has been washed up after falling off the Svenborg Maersk in the Bay of Biscay during stormy weather, last month and was spotted off Start Point in Devon. All 4 containers have found their way to UK shores. The contents of the latest shipping container are
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Ship Wreck – Container Ship Sinks

5 year old container ship MOL Comfort split in two on June 17 off the coast of Yemen as it sailed to Europe from Asia after suffering catastrophic cracks to the hull during bad weather. The ship’s stern section eventually sank on June 27 before any salvage operation was attempted. The crew of 26—11 Russians, one Ukrainian and 14 Filipinos—abandoned the ship and was rescued
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