About Us

Freight Forwarding image with container ship, docks, rail and air transport of goods

We are a UK logistics company providing freight forwarding transportation worldwide and delivery worldwide.

Unipac Shipping, freight forwarding company working worldwide.

Our aim is always to provide reliable and competitive freight service to corporate and private importers and exporters – anywhere in the world.

Whatever your shipment, Unipac will source and manage the appropriate freight package at the best price. Please just call or email us and we will create a solution for your particular requirement.

  • Independent, straightforward unbiased advice.
  • In depth expertise and experience in freight forwarding solutions.
  • A co-ordinated and efficient global network of agents
  • Fair pricing and quick, efficient response with cheapest international shipping
  • Multi-lingual staff, fluent in English, Polish and Spanish.
  • Shipments arranged worldwide, by all modes of transport, Import and Export through all ports and airports in the UK
  • Purchase orders are followed up with suppliers to confirm expected completion dates and shipment schedules
  • Shipment status reports are always provided
  • Customs Tariff (Duty Rates) determined for your products
  • Marine Insurance provided “Cover your goods warehouse to warehouse” the cost is small but the protection large.