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Iran to Hold Potential for Freight Firms

With its Nuclear Agreement, Iran is about to open up for international economy. This is good news not only for the Iranians, but also for freight firms. The country offers great opportunities for businesses, especially in oil and gas, high-tech and automotive. Logistics benefits from Irans good transport infrastructure and the need to improve their airspace field. But this is not the only area
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Airfreight of the future?

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is currently studying the feasibility of the FanWing freighter. As a result of a two year European Union project, the study will focus on how the plane would be operated, cost of maintenance and all other costs. If the study is successful, we could see these planes moving short range freight. The FanWing Airfreighter, has a short take off and
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Unipac Shipping – Our Services

Thank you for clicking through! For International freight solutions on a Global scale and for the following services: Competitive freight rates Best solution for your shipping requirements Professional Imports & Exports teams ensuring your shipment flows smoothly On-Line tracking service enabling you to track your shipments at all times Dedicated UK Customs broker Marine freight Insurance Global network of overseas agents and partners Please
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By air, by sea, by road

What a week its been here at Unipac Shipping! We have imported from China garden furniture and fashion accessories via sea. Exported scaffolding to Germany and exhibition kit to Italy via road freight, and exported household effects over to Dubai via air freight. Great work by our dedicated import and export  teams! We can handle all sorts of shipments in all shapes and sizes
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Tip of the week – SIZE does matter!

We cannot stress enough the importance of providing the correct dimensions and weight of your goods. All prices for all shipments are calculated on the amount of space they take up and how much they weigh, if you get this wrong, you could be in for a nasty shock when your goods arrive. Always provide accurate, length, width and height and total weight