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Robot Air Cargo Handling

One of the world\’s biggest air cargo handlers PACTL in Shanghai will be trying the first use of robots to build general cargo pallets this summer. This experiment could transform the air freight sector and bring significant improvements in productivity, quality and security. Airis, logistics facilities developer, has concluded that 85-90% of general air cargo

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Bill of Lading

You may already be familiar with the term bill of lading but what is it and why is it required? All sea shipments are covered by a bill of lading also referred as BOL or B/L. This is a document that lists the cargo details as well as your details as shipper and consignee. The

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Year of the Black Snake- Chinese New Year 2013

We would like to wish our Far East agents and exporters a happy prosperous new year as 2013 welcomes the year of the Black Snake. We hope you enjoy your celebrations! Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival is a significant annual celebration marking the start of the New Year according to the

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Christmas Business Ho-ho-ours!

Believe it or not, it is that time of year again! We would like to say a great big \”thank you!\” to all our customers, suppliers and agents who have supported us throughout 2012. We will be closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New years day, and we will be open as usual in-between the festive

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How to Calculate Duty rates, taxes and VAT on your imports.

After receiving our great rates for your import whether via sea, air or courier, you proceed to make a booking with us, happy in the knowledge that your overheads are low and your profit margins are looking good…We remind you to take into account the friendly Tax Man who will be waiting patiently at customs

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