Introducing the Tworty Box!

Protoyopes of a new generation of shipping container have recently made their successful maiden voyage while being shipped from Hamburg to Montreal and back again. The Tworty boxes have been developed by Hamburg based engineering company TWORTY BOX GmbH & Co. KG, to significantly reduce the shipment of \’containerised air\’ they say approximately 20% of all worldwide shipped containers are empty, hence cost effective container management has become the key issue for the profitability of container lines.

TWORTIES can either be used as a 20ft or coupled as a 40ft box:

Twenty + Forty = \”Tworty\”

The outside appearance resembles any standard 20ft container. However the TWORTY BOX is unique in that it has doors at each end, the second set of doors opening to the inside and can only be locked from the inside. This door can be fixed to the container ceiling and with the use of special bonding elements another TWORTY BOX can be joined up, thereby creating a 40ft unit of full value.

We will keep you informed as to when these containers become available for use in the market place.


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