British Exports To China \’On The Rise\’

It seems as though the Chinese market is becoming increasingly interested in the goods and services of British businesses, with new figures from UK Trade & Investment showing that exports to the country have seen a £2.2 billion increase since 2014.

Greater China is viewed as the biggest information and communications technology market in the world, and it\’s forecast to become the biggest luxury goods market in the world by the year 2020, so those operating in this sector in Britain would perhaps be wise to consider how best to go about China imports and exports at this time, the Examiner reports.

Mark Robson, UKTI regional director for Yorkshire and the Humber, observed that many businesses in his local area already sell their goods through physical distributors and channels like Alibaba, which is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon.

\”While we\’re all aware of a slowdown in growth of the Chinese economy, it\’s all relative. It is still the second-largest economy in the world and compared to many other export markets, China continues to expand at a robust rate, remaining one of the biggest potential markets for first-time and established exporters in Yorkshire and the Humber,\” he went on to say.

We recently blogged about the potential for businesses where importing from China is concerned, so have a read if you\’re keen to start doing this later on this year or next. You\’ll find out what you need to have in place to start, what commodity codes are and why you need them, and why you need to find professional and reliable supplier as your first step.

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