Booming food exports after Brexit vote

In the third quarter of 2016 British food and drink companies recorded their best ever overseas sales as they cashed in on the falling Pound.

Data published by Food and Drink Federation revealed that export of food and non-alcoholic drink totalled a record £3.4 billion between July and September – up 12.1 percent on a year ago.


While EU countries remain the biggest recipient of British food and drinks (£2.4 billion), exports to other countries exceeded expectations nearly doubling the pace of those exports to EU members rising 19.2% year on year.

Top 20 export markets are shown in the below table:


Interestingly, chocolate becomes the biggest exported product – at £471 million (up 13.2% in value terms on 2015). Other biggest exported British foods are: salmon, cheese, wheat, soft drinks, beef, breakfast cereals, sweet biscuits, vegetables, sauces and condiments.



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