Transport of goods between Great Britain and Ireland

Our team at Unipac Shipping offer the following methods of transport of goods between Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland:

  • LTL (less than truckload) – daily departures from Liverpool and Holyhead to Dublin and vice versa. Service covers the whole of the UK and Republic of Ireland;
  • FTL (full truck service) – daily departures;
  • Parcel and Airfreight services – daily services.

Please also check out our services from/to Northern Ireland.

Schedule of deliveries

Day 1 – receipt of commercial invoice and packing list

Day 2- collection of goods and dispatch to Dublin

Day 3 – arrival in Dublin and delivery within Dublin area

Day 4- deliveries to areas outside Dublin (subject to customs clearance)

Our logistics chain is well organised and as a result customers get a smooth, trouble free service.

If you arrange transport in your own vehicles, we can also carry out import and export customs clearance and Security and Safety Declarations (ENS) on your behalf.

Customs Clearance

Firstly, duty may be due on goods with non-UK and non-EU origin.

Secondly, VAT (based on the value of the goods shipped) will be due on imports into Republic of Ireland and into the UK. In both countries the Postponed VAT Accounting Scheme allows VAT registered companies not to pay VAT.

Our team arrange export and import customs clearance both in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.



Commercial Invoice is required for the purposes of customs entry in both countries. The document needs to detail the net weight of each product along with its ten-digit HS code and the origin. It is useful to provide the invoice in excel and PDF form.

We will need your Power of Attorney so that we can carry out customs entry, and duty and VAT payment on your behalf.

If you have a Trader Account Number (TAN) with Irish revenue, you can pay duty directly to the Irish Revenue. If not, we can arrange the payment on your behalf.

Whether you are already trading with the Republic of Ireland and require a quote, or need advice on transport of goods between Great Britain to Ireland, please contact us on 01580 893481 or email [email protected]

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