Application by DHL Global Forwarding to make the Earth greener

From now on customers will be able to calculate transport-related emissions for their shipment for almost every size and modes of transport thanks to the DHL Carbon Calculator.

The application is based on “intelligent algorithms” which can be carried out online and uses real-logistics data. It means that the tool includes routes to the nearest airport or seaport, the actual delivery route between countries, and the “last mile” in the destination country from port to door.

To calculate the emission the customer has to enter the sender`s and receiver`s location along with the weight and the volume of the shipment. After selecting the preferred mode of transport, based on the entries, the Carbon Calculator recommends a shipping route, which customers can modify further.


With the application the customers will be aware of their environmental impact of their shipping. According to Lloyd`s Loading List DHL said: “With its Green Optimization service, DHL also offers customized logistics solutions to help customers reduce GHG emissions and minimize the environmental impact of their logistics processes.”

When each data is put into the calculator, it will then compute a precise amount of CO2 emissions that will be generated from the delivery. Enquiries are free of charge on the system and can be entered without registration. However registered users also have access to an expanded range of analytical functions.

Hopefully with the use of the application the customers can understand and reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain.

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