Amazon Freight Presentation

Over the recent years Amazon has become a frequent recipient of goods for further distribution in the UK. Many of our customers have been asking us to deliver their cargo to Amazon\’s FBAs across the UK and Europe.

We appreciate it can be a complicated process for many importers.

In this handy guide we would like to make our customers aware of the basic Amazon\’s requirements when it comes to cargo presentation.

In order for freight to be accepted into Amazon UK warehouses it must adhere to the following requirements:

All pallets must be 120x100x15cm four-way access pallets.

Pallets must be ISPM-15 standard.

Broken or damaged pallets will be rejected.

No pallet can exceed 180cm in height from floor to the highest point.

Pallets must not exceed 1000kg in weight.

All carton labels must face outwards so labels can be seen.

If the product is a new product (NYP) the pallet must be labelled with NYP on a label no smaller than A4.

Every pallet must be labelled with: TO, FROM, PURCHASE ORDER NO, NO OF CARTONS, NO OF UNITS. These labels must be no smaller than A4.

Any freight found to be not adhering to the above, will not be accepted by Amazon and will result in a chargeable return.

If you\’d rather leave it in specialist hands we can collect your cargo from the port, arrange palletisation to Amazon\’s requirements and sort out delivery. We have all the expertise necessary to make this process as smooth as possible while reducing operational costs at the same time.

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