Transport affected by French strikes once again

According to BBC, industrial action over labour law reforms is gripping France nationwide, with oil refineries, nuclear power stations and transport hubs affected.

Motorways and bridges are blocked and flights delayed while clashes erupt with police in several cities.

At the port of Marseille, a strike by dockworkers has led to a total shutdown in activity, including at the major container terminal of Fos. It appears to be a similar situation at France’s other main container gateway, Le Havre, where last week 70 port calls were impacted by strike action. Today hundreds of Le Havre workers took to the streets after blocking off a major bridge.

This strike action is adding to the difficulties faced by the freight transport sector, which is already having to cope with fuel shortages due to industrial action at distribution depots and oil refineries.
FTA reports that dozens of fuel stations near Calais had run dry and its members had been struggling to fill their tanks, visiting several stations before finding fuel and being allowed to buy only a limited amount.

Rail workers have announced rolling strikes every Wednesday and Thursday until July, FTA advised.

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