New Customs Rules Coming in 2016

New EU Customs rules are coming into force next May. Changes are being made in order to streamline and modernise customs procedures, to realise paperless and more efficient transactions.

Changes include the criteria for \”authorised economic operator\” (AEO), and will relate to competence and professional qualifications rather that only experience in the field. Another point is the binding tariff information (BTI), which creates legal certainty on tariff classification. From May on, the operator must use it when importing and exporting and can no longer neglect BTI. Also, in order to classify non-preferential goods more objectively, list rules will apply to determine non-preferential origin.

As it is expected that several EU Member States will not be ready to implement the new rules by May, transitional regulations will apply.

In case you have any concern about new customs rules, or clearances in general, please feel free to contact us.

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