Heathrow Airport plans to Double Cargo Capacity

Heathrow Airport has outlined plans to double its cargo capacity in a bid to enhance its submission for approval to build a third runway.

With 65% of air freight already travelling via Heathrow, it is UK\’s main air freight hub, but with only 2% spare capacity it is almost at its limit.

Heathrow\’s reorganisation plans involve climate-controlled cargo environments as well as faster, more efficient cargo movements at the hub with the potential for a cargo railhead to upgrade UK\’s export competitiveness among others.

Nevertheless, the Airport\’s Commission is still considering other options, including a second runway at Gatwick Airport and a \’greenfield\’ airport in the Thames estuary. Option number three is the extension of Heathrow\’s second runway. The Airport\’s Commission will investigate the options to deal with the current shortage of cargo capacity.

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