Gift of Bell Boats to the City of Penglai


We are honoured to have been chosen as the freight forwarder to assist with the City of Penglai regatta. Our involvement is to deliver safely, securely and on time the gift of Bell-Boats as donated by David W Train of Mainsport.

Following a naming ceremony given by David Cameron, the boats known as “Spirit of China and Energy Climate Era” and “Spirit of Penglai and Energy Climate Era”have been donated to the City of Penglai for the purpose to bring the idea of emission reduction and environmental awareness deep into people’s hearts,  as expressed in speeches by President Hu Jintao.

It is hoped that this regatta will be a model for other cities in China and the world.

The boats set on their journey on 18th October and are due to arrive at Yantai Port on 29th November.

We wish all involved a very successful event.

You can find out more information regarding David Train and Mainsport at


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