Digitisation of the Dangerous Goods supply chain

The international Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced advances for the implementation of the e-Dangerous Goods Declaration (e-DGD) standards.

The e-DGD is an electronic approach to manage the IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration, leveraging industry initiatives to digitalise data and embrace data sharing platform principles. This aligns with and supports industry initiatives to modernise air cargo processes efficiently and share critical data among stakeholders that need it.

The e-DGD was developed through the IATA Cargo Service Conference with key support provided by Air France-KLM Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Swiss WorldCargo and Cargologic confirming industry requirements.

Thanks to e-DGD implementation, significant improvements are expected in terms of transparency, traceability and data quality and a reduction in the number of errors and also delays.

It will mean an important progress in the modernization of the processes and an increase in their efficiency allowing sharing data with all the parties involved: shippers, freight forwarders, transporters, handling agents and third parties.

At the same time an application called “Dangerous Goods AutoCheck” have been launched. Shippers can use it to verify that each declaration of dangerous goods satisfies the requirements established for electronic issuance.

The challenge now, is the implementation throughout the industry so that the benefits reach the entire supply chain and customers.

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