Here at Unipac UK, we offer an in-depth expertise on import processes and procedures.

If you are buying your goods abroad, or are thinking of starting, our experience combined with a broad range of support services ensures that your bespoke requirements are fulfilled as efficiently as possible.

We can offer different levels of service, from arrangements “door to door” to UK customs clearance and delivery only.

If the terms of your purchase are “Cost and Freight” (your supplier controls the process of booking the shipment), we can take care of your sea import from arrival at the port/airport in the UK and arrange the following on your behalf

If you buy your products on “Ex Works” or “Free on Board” terms, please let us have the details of your purchase order and our local office will follow its progress with the supplier and arrange the shipment in due time. Progress of orders can be tracked online.

For EX Works shipments our service will include

  • Collection at the door and port/airport delivery
  • Customs Clearance formalities abroad
  • Payment of all origin charges to a shipping line/airline
  • Customs Clearance
  • Duty and VAT payment
  • VAT Postponed Accounting
  • Payment of UK charges to a shipping company (Sea Freight)
  • Payment of airline handling charges to an airline (Air Freight)
  • Delivery to your warehouse – next day, same day, timed

Check out our Support Services to find out how we can advise and help with all the necessary paperwork.

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