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Triple E – Worlds Largest Container Ship

A new generation of vessel so large – almost a quarter-mile long, wider than a motorway and taller than a 20-storey office block, will be coming into service this summer. The vessel named as The new Triple E will be able to carry 18,000 20ft containers, three times as many as the biggest container ships 15 years ago The Triple E – which stands for
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Shipping Household Goods & Personal Effects

Are you in the process of moving home? Well this blog is especially for you! Could there be a more daunting task than moving home? If thats not bad enough, how about a complete re-location overseas?! Send shivers down your spine dosent it?! Well allow us to remove all your anxietys! By the time you have finished reading this blog, you will hopefully have all
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Extreme CARgo!

Its been a hectic week so far at Unipac. We have imported skin care products, dog food                                            and toilet seats….bear with me it gets better! Exporting today from the UK is a shipment of a Porsche 911, making its way over to Vancouver via Sea. No matter what your goods are we understand the importance of your shipment,  we will tailor make a package to
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