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Importing and exporting on a commercial or private basis requires an understanding of the various rules and regulations around the globe. As a seasoned uk customs broker we guide you through this process, which can vary from country to country, ensuring that you are always covered.

Customs clearance

UK Customs Broker

Both export and import customs clearance is provided. Export customs clearance is required for all shipments leaving the EU. As no payment is required, it is a relatively straightforward procedure. Import customs clearance requires more attention to detail. Care is taken to correctly classify your goods, ensuring the correct duty rate (if any) is applied. It is important that this is done correctly, as HM Customs can charge you later if they find that goods have been declared wrongly. For goods requiring Import Licences, the applications can be completed for you, although your signature will be required. Even if your shipment has been arranged from abroad, we can customs clear it for you and then arrange the delivery.


Marine Freight Insurance

Will cover your shipments from suppliers warehouse to consignees warehouse. Premiums are small in relation to the value of the cargo. Usually shipping insurance for the full value of the cargo, with no excess. Claims on carriers, will always be limited by the level of liability in the carriers terms and conditions. Insurance pays the full amount and relieves you of the difficulty of pursuing a claim against carriers. It also protects you from General Average contributions – Contributions required if the ship or aircraft is damaged or other cargo jettisoned to protect the voyage.

Letters of credit

Bills of Lading and Airwaybills

Such bills are always carefully produced to meet the wording provided by letters of credit. If required we can also produce bank drafts and other required documents, and send them to the bank on your behalf.

Consular documentation

International Documentation Requirements

This has generally become simpler, but where required we obtain the necessary documents for you such as EU Certificates of Origin, Arab British Certificates of Origin, certified and/or legalised, ATR1s, T2Ls, ATA Carnets.

Export packing

Export Cartons and Wooden Cases or Crates

Cartons made to fit your goods. Packing provided for household/personal effects.

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